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Yoga – A Meditative Way of Life

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Yoga helps a person become very stable, both mentally and physically. Helps improve the mind in the body by using the breath as a link between the mind and body. Many people struggle to control their thoughts. Yoga does this in a very scientific and standard way. You can find more information about guided meditation via https://awakenedmind.com/guided-meditation-for-sleep.

Yoga - A Meditative Way of Life

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When we practice yoga, we become aware of how our mind is constantly moving away from the present. We begin to realize how little we allow moments to be what they are without judgment or desire.

When we devote ourselves to yoga and focus on the breath and the body, we see thoughts and emotions arise and, apart from the practice, we can let them go. Leaving thoughts and emotions constantly allows us to dive into the present moment again and again.

When this habit is practiced with steadfastness and sincerity in the physical practice of yoga, it spreads into everyday life.

Yoga is a brilliant system because it starts at the simplest level of work, is physical, and gradually deepens to affect all areas of life. The intense physical routine of yoga practiced consistently and devotedly, affects not only the body but also the mind and spirit.

Yoga and meditation are synonymous in Indian culture. Only here, in the western world, differences arise. Yoga here means hatha yoga in the east. Hatha Yoga is the physical "asana" we call yoga in the West.

Connect with everything that's happening. Yoga means there are no boundaries between inside and outside. Yoga is a scientific way of achieving oneness with any situation.