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One Step Ahead in Structural Steel Fabrication and Detailing

ProSteel 3D is software that is used for structural steel detailing and fabrication. It is closely integrated with AutoCAD. Because of the integration with AutoCAD, you can use the Object ARX in the AutoCAD interface to allow you to manipulate and edit the object using AutoCAD commands. It also allows you to work with very small for the size of the very complex.

ProSteel 3D is also easy to use. Developers have made sure that they make your job faster and easier to come up with an interface where you can see a toolbar button, a pop-up menu, or tray.  If you are looking for structural steel detailing services then you can visit ACS Cad Services.

Furthermore, you can define your own steel standard open system. The details that you add will be added to a database that anyone can change or edit. Moreover, users can use a dBase or Excel to add new custom sizes and shapes.

Added flexibility translates into more productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it allows you to complete the usual construction applications such as structural steel, shelves, plant, equipment building steel, and marine applications virtually without difficulties!

ProSteel 3D, while using all the typical AutoCAD functionality, also adds its own set of functions, such as:

  • Allowing users to make the ribs with the size, half or full, or even diagonal ribs;
  • Using steel and sheet metal from anywhere in the working model;
  • Standard DSTV / AISC dictate plate, web angle connections, or customized connections;
  • Automatic placing roof and wall elements on the surface are optimized; and
  • The ability to create 2D details with an in-depth, in-depth definition of the line construction and full control object selection.