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A Fast Guide to Salesforce Community Cloud

The Salesforce Community Cloud is a digital space that allows users to share information and collaborate with important people related to their specific business processes. From customers and partners to department heads and employees, this forum serves as a dedicated support site to help team members connect.

To create your new community, all you need to do is set up your interactive website and use simple targeting and click the branding tools included in the Communities Experience Builder to mark your areas for collaboration. You can also get salesforce customization training online.

Benefits of Using the Cloud

There are many benefits that companies can get when they take advantage of the community. One of these is the ability to customize the community and include featured features that your users may need.

For example, a community could include a question board or Salesforce tent feature that allows users to communicate with each other and directly with your company. It helps answer user questions that colleagues, company representatives, or knowledge articles may ask.

These available resources instill trust and provide a personalized experience for users. Another major benefit of using the Salesforce Community is that it saves your business money! Communities can help your business save money by purchasing a community license which is cheaper than a full Salesforce license!

Saving money buying essential items is great, but the biggest money savings come from using Case Deflection. The "case transfer" function searches for text entered in the contact form and returns relevant articles and discussions.