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Tips for Scheduling Grease Trap Cleanings

A regular grease trap maintenance schedule is crucial when you’re running a commercial kitchen or restaurant. Cooking in this quantity leads to a lot of waste that accumulates in the grease trap.

Not cleaning your grease trap frequently can lead to sewer blockages and grease backups, which can lead to safety issues, and potentially, too costly legal ramifications. You can get efficient grease trap cleaning in Dublin via Drain Pro.

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To avoid all that and keep your grease trap running effectively, you need to establish a regular cleaning schedule, but how can you make a proper schedule in the first place? Here are the most essential tips you should follow for scheduling your grease trap cleanings.

Laws and regulations regarding grease trap treatment schedules vary by state, city, and county. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, all restaurants, commercial kitchens and similar food companies clean their oil traps properly every 90 days.

In addition, he strongly recommends cleaning the grease traps more often when their shop is busy and produces a lot of leftovers and grease, oil and grease (FOG). In this case, you shouldn't wait 90 days for your grease trap to clear, but every 30 or 45 days.

The 1/4 Rules are probably the most important rules you have to follow. This means that you need to clean the grease every time it is filled with grease, oil and grease. This rule is a standard recognized worldwide because the fat cover is no longer effective if 25% of the wet depth is full.