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Do footwear play a role in the risk for older people to fall?

PodChatLive is the regular livestream for the continual education of Podiatry practitioners and other health professionals that could be involved. The video goes out live upon Facebook and next is later on added to YouTube. Each episode has a different expert or group of experts to discuss a unique theme each time. Questions are responded to live by the hosts and experts during the stream on Facebook. Additionally, there's a audio version of each show offered on iTunes and also Spotify and the other typical podcast options. They have accumulated a huge following which continues to grow. PodChatLive can be considered a good way by which podiatry practitioners are able to get free continuing education credits.

A well-liked edition was when the hosts talked with Annette Davis and discussed what the research informs us and doesn’t inform us about the part of falls risk the aged. Podiatry practitioners participate in an important role in offering their advice to this patient group about the appropriate footwear that ought to be used to avoid falls or lessen the chance for falls occurring. She outlined the role of the Podiatrist on the assessment for footwear and falls and how to communicate successfully to the elderly regarding this. She created a quite good case for those individuals of a particular age to be risk evaluated irrespective of why they're coming to the clinic to see a podiatrist, even for an unrelated condition. She furthermore described the reasons why that older people choose particular footwear which can be most likely not appropriate and the challenges this may bring to the Podiatrist-patient interactions. She is a Podiatrist from Melbourne in Australia and is currently in the role of a Project Supervisor with the Department of Health and Human Services from the state of Victoria working on the trouble of falls. Annette is currently completely her PhD on shoes and falls at Monash University and intends to conclude that shortly.