Know About Organic Feeding

Just because your garden plants are growing doesn't mean that they don't need feeding. One of the simplest ways to get more from your garden is to feed your plants.

The healthiest way to do this is to utilize organic feeding methods that can be used to feed both the plants and the soil. To know about greenhouse feeding nutrients visit

This results in healthy, stronger plants that are better able to resist attacks from garden pests and diseases, but the real result is more flowers, more fruit, and better crops of herbs and vegetables.

Most gardeners know that they can water feed onto the compost to feed their plants, but many are unaware that by feeding the soil they are not only improving the whole garden, but they are investing in the future of their plants.

Good plant growth is dependent on healthy roots and healthy roots are totally dependent on healthy soil. One sign of healthy soil is increased worm activity. A soil rich in organic matter provides food for beneficial soil organisms such as worms, which in turn work their magic by mixing and improving the soil.

The best way to improve soil is to dig in plenty of rich organic matter. Homemade garden compost is ideal or you may have access to a supply of farmyard manure, this must be well rotted and ideally from an organic source to be strictly organic.

If you can dig these into a new border before planting then you give your plants the best possible start. For established borders, you will need to mulch around your plants.