How to make photo mugs

If you have an old mug in your home, you can start thinking about updating it by adding a photo. Adding a photo to your mug gives it a fresh new look. You can add any image, be it a family photo, your photo or a funny saying.

These are the steps to make a photo mug. First, you have to find fun coffee mugs for him that you want to customize. Find a mug with a smooth, fine surface and a fine shape. You can  buy Custom Tumblers & Mugs from Family Divine.

Find a photo to use once you have found the mug to use. Choose any photo you like, and it must be in a digital format. This allows for easy printing because it has to be printed. Check the size of the photo and find out if it fits on the surface of the mug you have selected.

An image that is too small or too large can make your mug look different from your expectations.

The next thing to do is print the photo with transfer paper. A printing paper allows you to permanently glue the image onto your mug. Spray the paper with a clear acrylic layer, then cut the image and soak it in water. Apply the image to the mug and let it dry. Give it a little time to dry, then wash it and it's ready to use.