Effective Procedures to Stop Thumb Sucking in Children

Thumbsucking is a behavior that’s seen in lots of kids from a really tender age.  Reasons might differ from appetite, relaxation, and pleasure.  Many parents provide a helping hand to give up this habit otherwise this will increase dental difficulties and will become impossible to overcome.

Punishing the child is not the ultimate reason to stop this habit unless proper guidance is provided. To know more about how to let them stop thumb sucking, look for https://www.amazon.com.au/Age-2-7-STOP-Thumb-Sucking/dp/B00VQU2DZS

Stop thumb sucking by other activities

Here are some of the ways which can help parents to overcome their habit:

  • Let them be aware of this thing, which makes them realize what is good for them.

  • Get a thumb guard for them which prevents the child from sucking and ultimately makes a habit to quit as soon as possible.

  • Give your child more attention which they usually crave for and eventually the more they get they will soon leave the habit.

  • Thumb sucking usually happens when a child does not get any activity to perform, so make them use both hands in different ways/activities to distract their mind.

  • If still, it is becoming hard to get rid of the habit, then apply some home remedies such as sauce on the tip of the finger to get them a sour tasting.

There are several ways to make them quit their habit either in a natural way or by using different devices which will try to stop them as soon as possible.