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Different Types – Natural Stone Access Floor Tiles

Natural tiles are found in various countries, those who are travertine, slate, sandstone, marble, and limestone.

Travertine is known for its unique appearance and they make very good floor tiles, offering unique quality that other tiles cannot be offered. Travertine Stone tiles are ideal for internal and external use and ideal for ‘bathroom access floor tiles (also known as ‘กระเบื้องปูพื้นห้องน้ำ‘ in the Thai language).

Marble raised access floor - MARBLE AND GRANITE - PETRAL - indoor

Marble can be used internally and externally and ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor. Marble is one of the more expensive natural tiles but will increase elegance and beauty to any house.

Natural slate tiles can be used on the floor and walls in any house and slate tiles are products that are durable and hard making them ideal for the floor.

Slate is ideal for contemporary and traditional settings and is one more reasonable material. Slate is also present in various colors that give real nuances to any area at home.

Sandstone tiles come in various colors with the most popular colors to yellow, brown, gray, red, white, and tan. The sandstone is traditionally used on the floor and wall flour and will add a decorative style that is unique to any room.

The sandstone tiles vary in size and thickness and because they come in various colors and nuances, you will almost certainly find the shade and color that will blend with the existing decoration.

Limestone tiles are products that are truly natural and have been used as building materials for years. Limestone is a very popular floor material and adds to the eternal natural beauty of any house.

Natural tiles become increasingly popular in and around the house but choosing the right natural stone is the most important when doing tile work.