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English Maltese Dictionary version 2 launched

An enhanced version of the highly acclaimed online English Maltese Dictionary has been launched today. The new release can boast of around 15,000 words, nearly 4 times as much as the older version, which can be translated at the touch of a button and the addition of the Maltese font in the translations.

The creator of the English Maltese Dictionary stated that the original version was launched back in 2005 and was an impressive feat of technology at the time, although development was constrained due to technical reasons. After reviewing emails it was evident that the public wanted two main issues resolved, mainly the lack of Maltese fonts and a larger word base.

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Both problems were addressed and now the Dictionary has around 4 times as much words as the original and the Maltese font is stable since both Windows and Apple based operating systems are now using a standardized version of the Maltese language font.Ô The creator of the English Maltese Dictionary, The Creator of the website continued by stating that Ó‰mproved programming technology meant that the newer version is even faster than the original even tough it has more words in itÒ³ database and the search function is even more powerful and easier to use when compared to the original

Around 200 people used to visit the older version daily, it is expected that this amount is to keep growing after the re-launch. 85% of visitors come from Malta whilst the remaining 15% come from Australia, the UK and Canada. One explanation for these foreign visitors may be that Maltese emigrants may be utilizing this site as well.